Reading through the results of our nutrient density testing for the first time, we knew we finally had in hand a deep and qualitative understanding of the kind of nutrition Mauiʻs Axis deer offer up. Some of the findings affirmed what weʻd always sensed about this food source, while others were big shockers—588x the Vitamin A in our liver as compared to grass-fed cows, for example. The test results drove home just how unique the nutrition of place is here on the leeward slopes of Haleakalā.

And then we got to work. Weʻve been busy building better ways for our ʻohana of customers to access this incredible nutrition, creating products that not only unlock the most nutrient-dense part of these extraordinary animals, honoring both the deer and the amazing people at Maui Nui who help turn them into food.

To start, an Organ blend jerky, more multivitamin than meat stick, that somehow turned out to be our most delicious stick yet. Next up, Organ Capsules and Velvet Antler Capsules, more nutrient-dense and wildly transparent than anything else on the market.

Like all things Maui Nui, these products will be very limited by nature. This letter is our way of letting you know they are coming and getting you ready for their launch August through October.

Aloha nui,
Jake & Ku'ulani Muise

Maui Nui Supplements
Maui Nui Supplements
Maui Nui Supplements
Maui Nui Supplements

Maui Nui Supplements


  • Nutritional Efficiency: All the nutritional benefits of organs without the preparation hassle.
  • Peak Bioavailability: Highly bioavailable and nutrient-dense for optimal absorption.
  • Health Enhancing: Promotes overall wellness, cellular health, and longevity.


  • Adaptogenic Aid: Acts as a natural adaptogen, helping to balance the body’s systems and improve response to stress and fatigue.
  • Holistic Benefits: Traditionally valued for enhancing overall wellness, athletic performance, hormonal balance, and immune support.
  • Exclusive Composition: Comprised solely of 100% singularly sourced antler velvet.

Peppered 10 Jerky Stick

  • More than a Meat Stick: With 5% Liver and 5% Heart this meat stick is more akin to a multivitamin than a typical jerky snack.
  • Enhanced Nutrition: Boosts nutrient density seamlessly within your favorite Maui Nui peppered jerky flavor.
  • Grab-and-Go: Designed for convenience, high nutritional value delivered in a portable format, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Exclusively made from 100% wild Axis deer, harvested from the slopes of Haleakalā, Maui.

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