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How to Make A Wow-Worthy Charcuterie Board

During the holiday season or anytime you want to put out something extra special, a stunning charcuterie board is always a crowd-pleaser. The key to an wow-worthy board? Color, texture, and a few stand-out ingredients. 

The board below will serve 4-6 people. 


Your favorite serving platter or wooden cutting board

2-3 Cheeses

No need to overthink these, but it’s a good idea to get a variety of tastes and textures. A simple rule of thumb is one firm cheese, one soft or creamy and one aged or tangy. TIP: cut firm cheeses into slices before assembling your board to make it easy for especially polite guests to dive right in. 

Maui Nui Venison Sticks

High-quality cured meats add a spicy, chewy element that every charcuterie board needs! To create extra visual interest, slice your sticks on a sharp bias, perfect for stacking on crackers.

Apples, Pears or Your Favorite In-Season Fruit

Something fresh adds much needed color and crunch to an otherwise rich board of goodies. Almost any ripe fruit will do, but ask your cheesemonger if you want an expert’s opinion on what would go best with your selections.

Crackers or Bread

This one is easy, and you only need one or two varieties. Think of them as little vehicles that carry the good stuff to your mouth!

Olives and Other Accoutrements 

This is where you get to have fun with flavors, colors and textures. Salty green olives, bright red peppers and crunchy roasted nuts are all appropriate ways to add a little excitement—just don’t add too many at the risk of overwhelming the board. One or two will do just fine. 

A Dip or A Drizzle

Lastly, you’ll want a little something saucy to compliment the cheeses and other treats you’ve laid out. Consider a small jar of warm, spiced honey, a couple well-made jams or maybe even a little dark chocolate if you dare. 


STEP 1: Select wood board or platter.

STEP 2: Place variation of soft and hard cheeses in various shapes and forms.

STEP 3: Add your sliced Venison Sticks

STEP 4: Add pears or apples and crackers. 

STEP 5: Sprinkle your olives or other “extras” around the board.

STEP 6: Finish with honey, jams or various other toppings to compliment your cheeses. 

STEP 7: Enjoy!

We’d love to see what you create! Share a photo of your charcuterie board with us on Facebook and Instagram @MauiNuiVenison using #MauiNuiVenison so we can admire your skills.

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