Our Offerings

Our Offerings

What makes Maui Nui venison different?
Our venison comes from Axis deer, a non-native species to Hawaiʻi. Numerous and free-roaming, these deer are truly wild until the moment we humanely harvest them using 100% stress-free methods. Because our deer are wild instead of being raised for food, they enjoy a natural varied diet, which means their meat is higher in nutrients and noticeably more delicious.
Can I get a one-time Fresh Box?
Our Starter Box is available for one-time purchase, but our standard Fresh Box is currently only available as a part of our subscription program.
Why should I subscribe?
Subscribing to our Fresh Box or Snack products is the single best way to support our mission of balancing Axis deer populations.

Your subscription helps us with field planning and logistics, and guarantees that you will have exclusive first priority access. Box subscriptions are limited, and once they’re spoken for, additional boxes will not be available as our number one goal is balancing populations rather than selling as much as possible. Subscribers also have early access to exclusive add-ons and new products before anyone else.

There are no financial obligations with our subscription program—you may change the frequency of delivery or cancel anytime. The only obligations this subscription brings is the one we have to you, our most valued customers, to the land, and to the deer themselves.
What subscription plans do you offer?
We are pleased to offer 4, 6, and 8-week subscription options for our Fresh Box, and 2, 4 and 6-week options for our All-Natural Venison Sticks (10 pack), Peppered Bars (12 pack) and Dog Treats. Subscribing not only saves you money and guarantees access, it helps support our mission in a more sustainable way. You can change the frequency of your subscription at any time from the My Account page.
How many pounds of meat come in the Fresh Box?
Fresh Box includes 4 lbs Ground Venison, 2 lbs Stew Chunks, 2 lbs Medallions, 1-2 lb oz Rib Rack, and 1-2 lb Striploin.
Can I choose what comes in my Fresh Box?
The cuts and portions in our subscription Fresh Box were chosen to directly support our goal of helping to balance Axis deer populations on Maui. The cuts included in four Fresh Boxes equate to about one deer, making inventory and planning much easier and helping us to stay focused on management and harvesting. By subscribing, you play a bigger role in supporting our mission.
Can I change the frequency of my subscription?
Yes! Log in to your account and click or tap on Manage Subscriptions. You will then see a list of your active subscription orders. Select the Edit button on the subscription that you would like to change, then click or tap on Change delivery schedule and select a new frequency from the dropdowns. Save once complete.
Recipe Ideas
Check out our Kitchen & Field blog, where we partner with amazing chefs and home cooks to bring you easy, versatile recipes your whole family will love.
Do you sell rib racks?
Yes, they are available through a Fresh Box subscription as well as in seasonal promotions.
Is the Fresh Box meat frozen?
We flash-freeze our venison moments after processing so it arrives at your home as fresh as it can possibly be, lasts longer and still tastes every bit as delicious.
Is the Fresh Box sustainably packaged?
Our Fresh Box packaging is made up of 100% recyclable materials. Both the insulation and outer packaging can be placed in any paper recycling bin.
Do you sell bars and sticks in bulk, sans packaging?
No, not currently.
Do you offer select cuts?
Select cuts, such as Rib Racks and Striploin, are offered as a part of our Fresh Box subscription program.
Do you sell the other parts of the deer, such as organ meat, bones and marrow?
Not currently, but we have plans to include that option in our Fresh Box offerings in the near future.
Do you offer meat on bones that I can give to my dogs?
Not at this time—but stay tuned. We have something special coming up specifically for our furry friends.
Is your venison safe from Prions/CWD?
We are so lucky that Prions/CWD is not present in Hawaiʻi and with natural isolation and continued vigilance, we hope it stays that way.
Do any of your products contain alliums?
Alliums, or members of the garlic family, are superfoods for some, but can cause sensitivities for others. Our All-Natural Venison Sticks and Peppered Bars contain minimal amounts of garlic powder.
Orders & Tracking

Orders & Tracking

Track My Order
You can get your tracking number from your account page. If you don’t see a tracking number yet, then your order has yet to be processed.
Report an issue with my order
Your satisfaction is important to us. Please report any issues directly to us by emailing info@mauinuivenison.com and we’ll be happy to help.
How does my Fresh Box stay cold in transit?
Fresh Box meat is flash-frozen so it’s as fresh as it can be when it arrives at your home. We pack it with dry ice so that everything stays cold until you can bring it inside. While the dry ice may have evaporated by the time it reaches your door and we cannot guarantee frozen delivery, our shipping methods ensure that the meat will remain safely below 40 degrees fahrenheit, per USDA guidelines.
How long can my Fresh Box sit outside?
Because your Fresh Box comes packed in dry ice, it will be okay to leave it outside for ideally a max of 6 hours even in warm temperatures. However, do try to bring it in as soon as you’re able.
What do I do with the Fresh Box meat once it arrives?
Carefully unpack it from the box, wearing gloves so as to not touch the dry ice with your bare hands. Then, pop it into the freezer or thaw some for dinner.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver to all 50 U.S. states. Please note that we are unable to ship Fresh Venison to a P.O. Box.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to the U.S., but are looking to expand our shipping options soon.
Why does my tracking information say Washington? Isn’t this Hawaiian venison?
While all the deer are entirely sourced in Hawaiʻi, they are currently being processed and packaged on the mainland. We are working towards bringing this part of our process back to the islands soon.
Can I choose the day of the week my Fresh Box arrives?
Unfortunately we aren’t able to honor this level of specificity yet.
Does someone need to be home to accept Fresh Box delivery?
There’s no need for someone to be home, as a signature is not required. However, do try to bring your Fresh Box indoors within 6 hours of delivery.
Can I use a business address for delivery?
You may use a business address for delivery, but it’s not advised. If the business is closed and the courier delivers the following day, your Fresh Box might defrost. If you are a restaurant and want to offer Maui Nui venison to your customers, please contact us.
Do you accept EBT benefits?
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor EBT benefits as payment at this time. We hope to be able to do this in the future.
Our Methods

Our Methods

What is stress-free sourcing?
We’re the only field operation in the world that manages and harvests deer populations using FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) technology. This technology enables us to detect where the deer are as well as eliminate stress on the animals by allowing all inspection and harvesting to be done entirely at night with the deer unaware of our presence. Not only is this more humane, it’s how we’re able to offer meat that is truly wild until the moment of harvest.
How does hunting an invasive species help the ecosystem?
Axis deer are not native to Hawaiʻi, which means they have no natural predators and their populations can grow exponentially. Also, they can be incredibly damaging to native plant and animal species that have not co-evolved with browsing ungulates. In the specific case of Mauiʻs emerging populations of Axis deer, their invasion stage being somewhere between establishment and spread, any management has a short term positive effect. Ensuring our work is an ecological benefit in the long term is why we developed highly accurate survey methods and are working to scale and grow to catch up to population growth. Check out our Mission page for more info.
Are the deer farm-raised?
No, because of our innovative harvesting methods, our deer are 100% wild up until the moment of harvest, which also means they enjoy a natural, varied diet rich in nutrients. You can taste the difference!
Is it legal to sell wild game meat in Hawaiʻi?
Yes. Harvesting wild Axis deer on private land in Hawaiʻi is legal but requires both Federal and State permits along with extensive USDA oversight for food safety.
Are the deer wormed?
No. The deer are wild up until the moment of harvest, but every single deer undergoes a thorough health inspection by a USDA veterinarian post mortem.
Are you killing baby deer?
No. We do not kill baby deer. Unlike almost all other deer species, Axis deer are smaller than White Tail deer and retain their spots, so it’s easy to mistake them for babies.
What happens when you kill all the deer on Maui?
We do not believe in or support the eradication of Axis deer from Maui. Our goal has been and always will be to help manage Axis deer populations for the betterment of our environment and communities. We believe strongly in long-term, sustainable, balanced populations of Axis deer in Hawaiʻi.
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