Maui Nui recognized as one of Fast Companyʻs 10 Most Innovative Companies in Agriculture of 2023

'Ohana Newsletters

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 7

HHS, Part I, History of Hawaiʻiʻs Deer, Part II, and the launch of our all-new and much improved Venison 101 and Cut Guides.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 6

2022, a year in review, living and sharing generative stories, and easily accessible protein options that offer you 10 grams of protein in under 10 minutes of prep time.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 5

All the details on our unique work schedule, the "7 and 7," well-wishes of collective abundance for the Makahiki season, and digging through all the delicious data of an all-new nutrient density study.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 4

Celebrating a huge jump forward in harvesting and butcher capacity on Maui as well as being able to better center Kamaʻāina Fulfillment and the launch of our new 1 oz. Sticks.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 3

The exponential returns of Compounding Impact, History of Hawaiʻiʻs deer Pt. I, and our love of the Dry Salt Brine. 

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 2

How we design our work around "Moon-fluence," taking the time for ceremony as we grow into our new space at ʻUlupalakua, and brushing up on the Barnsley Chop.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 1

Scaling from harvesting 500 dear a year to 15,000, a deeper look into why we decided to start our Ke Au Hou Newsletter, and great tips to start grilling like a pro.
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