The term 'holo'ai' is grounded in a long history of food-sharing
in Hawai'i. At Maui Nui, holo 'ai and its layers of meaning help us
to name and to build our visions and efforts for collective abundance -
for resilience and equity within our local food systems.


Holo 'Ai

The Holo 'Ai Program started as a response to the instability created by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. While launch­ing our first fresh deliveries to customers in the spring of 2020, we were able to simultaneously share 62,429 lbs with our communities throughout the pandemic.

Following the devastating wild fires on Maui in August of 2023, we restructured our operations and business model to further increase our capacity for food­sharing, taking on amazing partners to help address the needs of food-insecure areas of our communities.

lbs of venison shared to date:

151,100 lbs

Nā Kōko'o,

Our Partners

Ways to Support

Buy One, Share One

Support Maui Maui Nui ground venison burgers, jerky, bone broth and premium cuts

We have been so humbled by an outpouring of inquiries from cus­tomers who want to take part in food-sharing.

In response to all that aloha, we launched our Buy One, Share One Ground program, committing to share one lb of ground with Maui community, for each lb of ground purchased through the Butcher Shop.

Support Maui

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo.

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