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The health benefits of our Maui Nui Bone Broth are phenomenal, and the many ways you can incorporate it into your everyday dishes are seemingly endless. Sip it on its own, or simply add your favorite ingredients. It’s just that good.

We are so excited to announce our two new Bone Broth flavors - Spicy and Golden - to instantly boost the flavor of any dish!

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas using recipes from our library that we think you’ll love!

Bone Broth Chili featuring Spicy Bone Broth

Our Spicy Bone Broth is made with serrano peppers and red chili flakes, adding just the right amount of heat to spice up any dish. It’s the perfect base to add to our Bone Broth Chili.  

Note: Replace the Original Bone Broth in the recipe with the Spicy Bone Broth to turn the heat up a notch. Adjust the amount of chili powder and adobo peppers to your heat preference. 

Curry Coconut Stew featuring Golden Bone Broth

With the added anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits of turmeric and ginger root, our Golden Bone Broth is perfect for supporting health and healing, which makes it an excellent option to add to just about anything. One dish that would be a great way to incorporate this delicious broth is our Red Curry Coconut Stew.

Note: Replace the Original Bone Broth in the recipe with the Golden Bone Broth for an extra boost of flavor and nutrition. Adjust the amount of fish sauce to your liking. 

Here are some other creative ways to effortlessly turn an everyday staple into a superfood using our newest Bone Broth flavors:

Rice - Replace the water with bone broth. Replacing the liquid will not affect how the rice cooks but will significantly enhance the flavor- making it a delicious option with all the added benefits of bone broth. You can build a wholesome meal by topping your bone broth rice with protein and veggies.

Ramen Noodle Soup  It’s a quick and delicious way to enjoy a nourishing bowl of ramen. Just add the noodles to your choice of bone broth and easily customize the soup by adding any additional toppings.

Savory Oatmeal - Switch up the way you do your morning oats and make it protein-packed by cooking your oats with bone broth. You can add all sorts of delicious toppings, like fresh herbs, veggies, cheese, or boiled eggs- just to name a few. 

Sauté Vegetables- Add flavor and nutrition to your stir-fry, or sauteed vegetables, by cooking them in bone broth instead of water/oil. 

With so many delicious options, it's easy to find new ways to enjoy bone broth every day!


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