Maui Nui recognized as one of Fast Companyʻs 10 Most Innovative Companies in Agriculture of 2023


Maui Nui Venison’s taste and nutritional profile are unbelievable. Harvested using stress-free methods, their fresh venison is clean tasting, tender, and one of the most nutrient-dense red meats on the planet. I’ve leaned out significantly in the last two months of eating predominantly Maui Nui Venison.

Tim Ferriss

'Ohana Box

Don't miss your last chance to join the Maui Nui family as a subscriber, the most impactful way help us achieve our mission to restore balance. Our new and final iteration of fresh boxes is packed full of a variety of premium cuts, versatile family favorites, and custom add-ons.

Starting At: $239.20 Tim Ferriss Savings: $59.80 off your first box. Free Shipping

How often would you like your box delivered?
Plus up your box:
4 Packs Ground
+ $67.20 $84
4 Packs Bone Broth
+ $54.40 $68
2 Packs Leg Medallions
+ $46.40 $58

The 'Ohana Box Includes:

  • 4lbs Ground Venison
  • 4 exclusive cuts from our monthly mix, (3-5 lbs total) which will vary between:
    • Leg Medallions
    • Rib Chops
    • Loin Filet
    • Loin Chop
    • Sirloin Steak
    • Strip Loin
    • Steak Strips
    • As well as any new fresh product offerings.

Exclusive Add-Ons

  • Ground Venison
  • Leg Medallions
  • Bone Broth

Priority Access

  • Butcher Shop Restocks
  • New Product Offerings
  • 'Ohana Updates


Our mission is absolutely dependent on our subscribers and their commitment to bring fresh venison into their home every month. Thanks to an in-depth survey, increased capacity, and careful calculations, we now know that we will only ever be able to serve 8,000 'Ohana Memberships.

When all subscriptions are filled, it will mean that, together, we have taken a substantial step forward in helping to balance Maui's Axis deer population. No additional memberships will become available.

When we say nutrient-dense, we mean it:

Niacin (B3)
Vitamin B12
Heme Iron
Total Fat: 1.4g (2% DV)
Calories: 107 kcal (5% DV)
* Daily Value per 3.5 oz serving and a 2000 calorie diet.
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