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As we continue to grow, so too does our team and we could not be more thrilled to welcome Jordan Cabatic to the Maui Nui ʻOhana!  Jordan technically joined us as a recipe creator over a year ago, but will now step in as our new Culinary Director! Chee hu!

Rooted in the rich cooking heritage of her Filipino background and influenced by a childhood where subsistence hunting and fishing supplied her familyʻs main source of protein, Jordan grew up in the kitchen or outdoors. Describing herself as coming from "a little bit of everywhere," she has lived all over the continent and is now happily rooted here in Hawaiʻi alongside her husband Jonathan (the talented photog behind the images of every dish), her two children, and the family pup. Jordan enjoys creating recipes that can feed a hungry family on the move, recipes that are equally satisfying and nutritious. A combination of the cultures, the environments and the experiences that make up her life story, she brings to the table a unique cooking style and a strong dedication to her craft. 

We are always working to bring more value to our community and our customers and we know that Jordan will continue to serve up a big and delicious piece of that by helping to build out an ever-expanding library of recipes and cooking resources. If youʻve already joined our mission by bringing venison into your home, then Jordan is here to help make eating and sharing this incredible food resource even more joyous! So, with so much excitement for all beautiful meals we have yet to gather around, we say - Aloha Jordan! 

Havenʻt tried one of her dishes yet? Try out a couple of our favorite recipes of hers here and here.

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