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2–3 min. per side on medium-high heat

Turn over and cook for an additional 1–2 minutes

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If you're looking for something a little different to add to your cooking repertoire, Kidneys might be just the thing. These under utilized organs are packed with nutrients and have a unique flavor that can be used as both ingredient or in addition to dishes, from stews and casseroles to curries and stir-fries. They can also be grilled, smoked, or pan-fried.

Getting Started

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Serving size: 1 pack serves 4–8.

Getting Started: You’ll notice some white tissue in the center of each kidney, use your kitchen shears and snip off as much as you can and then cut kidney in half, lengthwise. Rinse in cold water and place in whole milk to soak for at least 2 days. This is the best way to help reduce some of the strong taste as well as leech excess blood, so whatever you do, don’t skip this step. If the milk turns into a pink color, change it. Or try soaking in a solution of water, a few tablespoons of vinegar, and salt (1/2 tsp per pound). Before cooking, rinse well in cold water.

Preferred seasoning: Season with salt, pepper, or herbaceous spice blends. To help offset kidney’s strong taste, toss in some aromatics, spicy peppers along with some fresh herbs to the pan.

Choosing a fat: Sauté in butter or olive oil.

Preferred Method

For a more gentle introduction to kidneys, try adding them to your stew, soup or curry dishes. It’s a great way to add flavor to your dishes without being overwhelming; however, if you want to preserve as much flavor and nutrition as possible, quickly sauté with some butter or olive oil before adding them to your dish.

  • Start by pre-heating a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat for 3–5 minutes.
  • Make sure to pat the kidneys dry the with a paper towel to remove excess moisture and cut into bite-size pieces. Season with salt.
  • Then add a 2 tbsp of oil or butter to the pan.
  • As soon as the oil is hot (or butter is melted), place the kidneys in the pan, toss and coat in oil/butter. They’ll want to curl up, so gently press down on them with a spatula.
  • Brown for 2–3 minutes. Then turn kidneys over and cook for another 1–2 minutes.
  • Then remove from pan and set aside.
  • From here, you can add butter, garlic, peppers, and herbs. Cook until garlic turns golden and fragrant.
  • Add kidneys back in pan, toss in garlic butter for a few seconds, and finish with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Gauging Doneness

Kidneys are best served when they’re still a little pink in the inside, any longer and they will become tough and dry. Cook until the outside is brown and center is slightly pink.

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