Into the Wilderness...of the market for Wild-Harvested Meat

A great talk with incredible filmmaker/photographer/writer Byron Pace on his podcast, Into the Wilderness.

Interview with Co-Founder, Jake Muise

A great sit-down with fellow hunter and host of the Rich Outdoor podcast, Cody Rich.

The Value of Venison

Looking at Hawaiʻiʻs Axis deer populations and both the problems and value they present through the unique local lens of Jade Snow for Hawaiʻi Farm & Food Magazine.

A Healthy Part of Your Best Diet

We know the health benefits of wild Hawaiian venison, and so does Jason Widener, VP of L.A.'s cult health-food mini c...

Navigating the Wild-Harvest Process

Mahalo to renowned butcher, educator and Executive Director of the Butcherʻs Guild, Bryan Mayer, for this opportunity to really dig into the intricacies of our wild-harvest process and the challenges of selling wild meat under USDA inspection.

Wild Game Based Podcast Interview

Jake sat down with hosts Jeremiah Doughty and Tony Caggiano to talk about how Maui Nui is striving to bridge the gap between how much of the world obtains their meat and the #WildGameBased lifestyle.

Why We Started Home Delivery Earlier Than Expected

It was always our plan to offer our fresh venison through home delivery, but the COVID-19 pandemic inspired us to “sp...

Build the Best Charcuterie Board Ever

We’re humbled and grateful that It’s Alive! Host Brad Leone is a fan of our meat—and even more excited that he’s a f...

Support Local Without Leaving Home

You can still eat well and support local businesses, even when weʻre all stuck at home. This list of the best meal ki...

Interview with Co-Founder, Jake Muise

There is almost always opportunity in crisis. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Jake Muise, talks with Author Anthony Bagnoli a...

Keeping Food Banks Stocked During Covid-19

Mahalo to Hawaiʻi Magazine for helping to spread the word about our Holo ʻAi program during Covid-19, as well as for ...

Building More Resilient Food Systems During Shelter in Place

How did non-native Axis deer even get to the islands? This article from Honolulu Magazine does a beautiful job explai...

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