'Ohana Newsletters

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 17

During a recent Holo ‘Ai harvest, I had the pleasure of carrying deer with one such brilliant friend, Dr. Andy Galpin, a Professor and Scientist of Human Performance and host of the Perform Podcast. 

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 16

Although helping to balance Maui’s deer population will always be at the center of our mission, food-sharing has become an incredibly important and fulfilling outcome and vehicle of and for our work. And we named it Holo ʻAi.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 15

As we grew our teams to meet the challenge of balancing Maui’s deer populations, we wanted team members to really understand the wide scope of positive outcomes they were bringing to our ecosystems, communities, and customers. 

Ke Au Hou, Vol 14

In keeping with last yearʻs end-of-year review, we wanted to share Maui Nui, by the numbers, 2023.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 13

It becomes more and more clear — serving community is serving our mission. In searching for innovative and effective ways to continue to serve our community, we discovered that actively building better ways to share venison is actually a huge unlock for accelerating our mission goals.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 12

The past few weeks have been both challenging and transformative. As a team, we mobilized immediately to respond to both the physical fires and protein needs.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 11

Talking story with Tim Ferriss

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 10

Imagine a work-world where every day your teammates ask one simple question, “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 9

7.2 lbs per minute (ie. one deer every seven minutes). Thatʻs the goal we set each night in order to balance Axis deer populations on Maui

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 8

We believe that Humility, Work Ethic, and Emotional Intelligence are skills that, if focused on and measured, can be improved.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 7

HHS, Part I, History of Hawaiʻiʻs Deer, Part II, and the launch of our all-new and much improved Venison 101 and Cut Guides.

Ke Au Hou, Vol. 6

2022, a year in review, living and sharing generative stories, and easily accessible protein options that offer you 10 grams of protein in under 10 minutes of prep time.

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