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The most nutrient dense, stress free, wildly delicious red meat on the planet.

Maui Nui is unlike any other fresh meat delivery service in the world. Our Venison is naturally tender and wildly delicious—your new favorite ingredient for making meals the whole family will love.

Our venison is wild instead of farmed
  • Deer are truly wild until the moment of harvest
  • Alleviates impact on the environment
  • Mindfully sourced using innovative, stress-free methods
  • The only wild red meat that’s USDA certified
  • Free from prion disease/CWD
It's the most nutrient-dense red meat on the planet
  • Packed with 36 g of protein per 6 oz. serving
  • Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • More complete and complex nutrients than farmed venison
  • Better taste and naturally tender texture
We're building more resilient food systems in Hawai'i
  • Making fresh venison more accessible in one of the most geographically isolated places in the world
  • Helping to protect food systems from devastating impacts of invasive Axis deer
  • Holo ʻAi Program is helping to strengthen   communities through venison donations
  • Entire deer is utilized to minimize waste as well as to honor and respect the deer that give us so much
It's delivered frozen so it stays fresh
  • Always have nutrient-dense, wildly delicious protein available
  • Our Starter Box letʻs you try our fresh venison and snacks in one convenient package, plus get a discount on your first purchase
  • Our Fresh Box subscription features a larger selection of our premium fresh venison and supports our mission in a more sustainable way
  • Packaged with care in sustainable materials
Easy to cook, easier to love
  • Find plenty of recipe inspiration on our blog, ranging from easy to exciting
  • Beginner and family friendly
  • Award-winning flavor: Named Best Tasting Venison and Wild Game Meat by Exotic Wildlife Association


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